Friday, October 31, 2008

Evil will Always triumph

because good is dumb. - Spaceballs

I didn't want to have to ever use this quote, but alas, that time has come. As you know, The Witching Night (Nights?) is/are here. So I decided (over playing Fallout 3) to venture into Black Fire Pass for some RvR action. There was action, sorta.

What I found was Destruction pinned inside their warcamp, and a plethora of Order fighting them. It seemed pretty clear Order had the superior numbers. However, they also lacked any sort of sense and patience. Instead of letting Destruction actually come out of the base, they attacked them on the fringes.

Guess what is on the fringes, artillery and Hero mobs. So even with the greater numbers, the Witching Night Public Quest was being won by Destruction. Many people hung back and tried to tell the rest to get back. They did not listen, as the thirst for renown and xp was just too much.

Destruction ended up winning the Public Quest, not that they could do stage two... as there was too much Order. Still I am saddened by this defeat. I should have played Fallout 3 last night.


Ah, so this was happening in T3 also, eh? The lack of restraint on Order-side T2 and our apparent inability to stay within a pretty obvious PQ boundary made me want to throttle people yesterday and the day before.

I'm just glad we did our INF bar elsewhere in the end, since the PQs, while entertaining (in a root canal kinda way) don't give nearly enough influence to fill that bar unless you take part in them 24/7.

Same things is happening to us on the destruction side on Thorgrim. We usually outnumber the Order guys in T2/T3 and have some 'less intelligent' faction members continually dying to the hero mobs...very frustrating.

Honestly, I don't think they speak English, that or they are traitorous dogs!

I vote traitorous dogs!!!

Anywho, I'm not even bothering with the Witching Night PQ, I need to level damn it.

By the way are you stalking me Werit, I saw you in a scenario last night.

@way: Your armor is pretty shiny and we dwarves like shiny things.

Which Scenario? I think I only did two last night. One awful Doomfist and One Tor I think.

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Now now, the same thing was done by Destruction on my server. Got to practice my cannon shooting skills quite a bit on stupid Dest that came too close.

It was that awful Doomfist. Tor you order guys seem to beat us alot in.

I entered that Doomfist with 7 min to go. Hate when the system does that.

We were just getting destroyed by all of that Sorc AoE. I really hate that lake of death thing they do.

I love that pit of death, makes PVE so much more simplier.

That pit routinely hits me for 25-40% of my health. In keeps and places like Doomfist is is crazy, especially if there are more than 1 sorc.

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