Wednesday, October 15, 2008

WAR Report

It has been a while since i actually posted what I have been up to in game, so here is a recap.

Werit the Engineer is now BR 21/ RR 21 with a mount. I have just recently moved on to T3 lands, as I needed a change of pace from T2. Sadly, I have pretty much abandoned the PvE side of the game. Most times when I login, I have the intention of catching up, but the call of PvP is too strong. Now I fear it is too late for me.

It is a shame that I don't do PvE. There is so much on that side that I would like to see. The PQ's are fun, the lore is great and there are numerous Tome unlocks that I will never see on this character. I still only have the Portable Gyro trophy that I obtained soon after creating the character. I would like some others, but have not come across any.

Crafting has fallen by the side of the road as well. When I log in, I just want to get into the action. Crafting, while easy, just doesn't really come to my attention. I know it would be useful, but for some reason I cannot be bothered. Fighting Destruction is all Werit lives for.

Last night, I joined up with a zerg ball of order and we rolled a few T3 keeps. It was fun and I did get a bunch of Renown. Sadly, I was having a bad night on the Keep Lord PQ rolls, and placed in the 20's. There was not much Destruction resistance during the time I was there.

Things are going great with CoW. We are Rank 13 and closing in on being able to capture a keep and having guild cloaks. No issues at all within the guild, we play and have fun. that is really about it, as it should be.

My playtime is pretty much this: login, find world RvR or scenario, play. I can't ask for much more than that, as it supports short playtimes too. I am looking forward to T4, it should be crazy!


How you liking Tor Anroc? Seems like the only scenario that ever pops.

Hope to seeya in there sometime soon.

You know, I had heard TA is ruled by Order due to knockbacks. That is not what i have seen in practice, as Destro wins a fair amount of the time.

Sure knockbacks are fun, but I've been knocked into the lava too.

I do not like the long run-back times that this scenario has. Rezzes are a must :-/

I want my knockback! (1 more level...)

I'm actually excited to get to T4 myself... in approximately 8 years. I need to kick it into gear a bit.

I don't want to fly by content, but being only 13 as Month One ends makes me feel shorter than your average dwarf.

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