Thursday, October 9, 2008

Point Blank'in

As always, I am having a lot of fun with Werit, my Engineer. He is now Battle Rank 20/ Renown Rank 19 and spending a lot of time in scenarios. I just recently purchased my mount, so no more walking around like a sucker.

Point Blank is still loads of fun. Yesterday, I was in Mourkain Temple involved in a pretty even match. Engineers are great in this scenario, as Destruction likes to bunch together. Bunching together means a lot of grenade fun :)

The match is winding down and Destruction has the artifact. They had taken it back to the area in front of their spawn point to defend. We were having a tough time getting close do to all the ranged attackers. Both teams were close to 500 with Destruction having a slight lead. Something had to be done. We needed the artifact, but our melee could not get close to the carrier.

As any good Dwarf would do, I charged in. With Point Blank at the ready, I ran right up to the artifact carrier and punted him out to my teammates. They quickly dispatched him, took the artifact and victory was ours.

Good times.


Man that's great. I would have been grinning ear to ear had I done that. Well done!

Don't forget Concussive has a nice knockback as well. Its better than the one you get in the rifleman tree for HipShot.

I am enjoying the Engineer as well now that I've reached 20..oh, btw, DING 20. lol

But its like WoW, some levels are just turn offs while some are big turn ons for a career or class. I wasn't feeling it much between levels 15 thru 18, but since I've reached 20, I can see the potential of the Engineer again.

Oh thanks for the advice on switching to the grenade tree, damage is much better now.

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