Monday, October 20, 2008


On Friday night (10/17) the Casualties of WAR and the forces of Order took to the field of battle in Tier 2 and 3. We did it during prime time and even gave Destruction notice of the impending assault. We want to fight players, not NPC's.

The night started off in High Pass. We had about 3 groups and tried to assault the keep. It was defended by quite a few Destruction players who had recently captured it. After our defeat, we regrouped and went for the objectives. We met no resistance and captured all of them in Empire T3. Next we went back to the keep, hoping they were still there. They were not and we easily took both keeps.

We also met up with another Warband and went on a rampage taking every objective and keep in T3. In T2 land, our group there had also taken everything possible. No sign of Destruction. That is where my night ended. After, it seems Destruction did put together a sizable force, but were soundly defeated.

A very successful night for Order, although I would have preferred more Destruction resistance. Not sure what their deal was, as they are supposed to be superior (in numbers). Just goes to show, don't listen to wining based on skewed perspectives.

T4, we are coming.


Friday night alot of t3 people from my guild were having fun in Mt.Gunbad.

I'm always torn when I read posts like this. Should I root for my fellow CoWs or for my fellow Destruction?

I'm just kidding. Good job!

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