Monday, October 13, 2008

RvR Tome Unlocks

As I mentioned before, I am a bit frustrated with the Tome of Knowledge. Now that I have reached BR 20/ RR 20, mostly by RvR (world and scenarios), I have noticed a lack of unlocks.

There are plenty of unlocks on the PvE side, in fact it is tough not to get some of them. On the PvP side, there seem to be very little. I had expected a Keep capture to net me one... it didn't. Capturing Objectives don't give any unlocks either.

The only ones I have seen are killing X amount of Y class. There are some for critical hits too... but those are also PvE. It could be that I have been really unlucky and just have not received any. I somehow doubt that though, as I PvP a lot.

The Tome has so much potential, why was RvR left out in the cold? I would love to know the player who has killed me the most and who I've killed the most. I would like a title for capturing an objective a few times, or just for my general efforts on a certain front. It seems like these would be no-brainers... so what gives?


hear hear, I concur. There are plenty of killing ones that get enacted for rvr but I don't know of any others.

There are some for keep capture counts, just 'keep' at it :)

Glad to know there is something out there. They just really need to put some started unlocks in there so you know they exist.

I got a title for returning 5 keeps back to the original owners.

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