Friday, October 17, 2008

Are Bright Wizards too bright?

One of the most common forum complaints is that Bright Wizards are overpowered. With the Combustion mechanic giving high amount of crits and skills like Playing with Fire, is it true?

Q: Are Bright Wizards overpowered?

It is true that I often see Bright Wizards at the top of the damage charts, but just as often I see Sorceresses. The whole idea of the Bright Wizard is that they are high powered, but they die extremely easily. In fact their combustion mechanic hurts them more, the more damage they do. We all know Order lacks healers, so it leaves them quite vulnerable.

The Sorceress and Bright Wizard are mirrors, but not exact mirrors, so they differ. However the Sorceress also puts out high damage. In any case, classes should not be compared with their mirror, Order should be compared against Chaos.

My answer would be no, Bright Wizards are not over powered. There is always one caveat though... ON MY SERVER. Every server has different populations, which can easily affect your perception of class balance.


Bright Wizards get strong when they are backed up by healers. They are pure glass cannons and they emphasize it by hurting themselves.

A friend of mine complains that the backlash for a BW is too big and he has always to slow down his damage output when there is no healer around. Conclusion? If you have a healer and you play in a team, you can really put out nice damage. If the enemy spots you, you are dead meat. Especially when ranged dps sees your hp drop because of the backlash

Did you say Order lacks healers....Every where I turn I whack a healer in Order, Runepriest, Warrior Priest, fricking Archmages. In every scenario I would say theres 5 healers to Destros 2 or 3.

way: Amazing how servers can differ :)

I love my T2 bright wizard... well the outfit kind of sucks for a while, but in terms of play it's pretty fun.

Of course, I've also killed more bright wizards, by a large margin, than I have any other class in the game. Quite a feat since I have never fought another bright wizard.

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