Friday, October 3, 2008

Short scenario queues hurting world RvR?

With the recent change that allows you to queue for all the scenarios in your tier from anywhere, people tend to get in them quicker. As great as this change is, I wonder if it will have the unintended consequence of hurting world RvR.

Prior to the change, I would queue up for a scenario then go check out the world RvR situation. If I found a world RvR fight, I would leave the queue. If when the scenario was ready I still hadn't found any action, I would jump in. Now, the scenario is ready before i can get very far into an RvR zone.

The main reason I do this is that my playtime is limited. I don't care which gets me xp/renown the fastest as some might, I just want my time spent in game to be fun. I prefer world RvR, but that can take some time to get going.

The min/maxer type may find they get more XP/Renown by doing the quick scenarios rather then participating in world RvR. I don't care much about this type, as they are not fun in world RvR anyway. They did put people in the fight though.

So will faster scenarios hurt world RvR? Time will tell. What do you think?


There are two key things to note here:

1) Playing Order gives you a different perspective. I think that Destruction tends to do more open RVR (or PQ's and quests) because scenarios don't pop for them.

2) I think you are right, to the point that CoW's lack of Open RVR hurts the amount of victory points generated for the overall campaign. What I don't know, is if the larger amount of scenarios run offset that.

@br3ntbr0: Good point. Destro would still have more time in this case. Will be interesting to see if Keeps and Objectives stay in Destro hands more now.

I think it's certainly meaning fewer PQs for Order. I know we planned to do some last night but ended up spending more time in Scenarios ... it was fun thought so I'm not complaining.

I think with world RvR, people are more likely to drop out if it isn't going well and do scenarios instead on the Order side. Unless you set up a raid in advance.

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