Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Frag-gle Rock

Werit the Engineer recently reached Rank 16. At that rank I got access to the Fragmentation Grenade ability. I love this grenade but my state does not allow marriage between objects and people. Besides, the Miss's might take issue.

It has a range of 65 ft and at my level does 350 damage over 15 seconds to all enemies within 20 feet of the target. Combine this with Acid Bomb, which does 203 damage over 21 seconds to all enemies within 20 feet. It also lowers Corporeal Resistance by 151. Guess what kind of damage Frag and Acid do? Yep, Corporeal.

Combine this with Friction Burn and Incendiary Rounds, you get some very nice damage. Sure it is over DoT, but that is our job. I also toss a Flashbang every now and then so their healers can get some interrupt love too.

Since turning Rank 15, I have been one of the top damage dealers in scenarios I have played. As I have been taking the grenadier mastery path, I do not use my gun much anymore. And it seems I am only getting started, as at rank 17 I will be able to get Extra Powder, which gives my Acid and Frag a 75% wider area of effect.

The Mourkain Temple scenario is especially fun, as people tend to group closer together... right up my alley :)

The engineer seems to get more fun every rank.


Damn you Mr Werit! I was sooooo close to thinking I'd never have to make an Engineer because they couldn't possibly be fun.

I am a sad, altoholic DPS ho. :| WH + SW + Eng = deathfun galore!

It was the fraggle wasn't it...

There is a grenade spec tree?

*runs off to make an engineer*

Suddenly, having an Order alt seems necessity.

My main's a 25 Engineer and I *love* him. Seriously, it's fun as heck. I'm surprised I don't see more engineers around. I too took the grenade spec. Once you get extended range on those bad boys, it just makes your heart go *squee*.

@earnest: Yea I have that trait equipped too and it is a lot of fun. Nice to be near the top of the damage board :)

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