Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Zerging Night

Warhammer Online recently announced its first in-game event, The Witching Night. One part of this event, is a special Public Quest that takes place in RvR area of each Tier. It requires you to kill ~100 enemies before the other side does. When you do, a Lord spawns and you can get some Witching loot and influence. Let me just say, success!

Black Fire Pass (T3) was crazy last night. Never have I seen so many players out in an RvR zone. There was at least 50 folks on each side, likely more. The fighting was constant and all over the map. It was a great way to spend the hour I had to spare that night in the game.

Sadly, I don't think the PQ worked right, as I never saw it come up and never gained any influence. That did not really matter though, as I was too distracted with the fighting. Also, the XP gained over the hour was sub-par, since I was in a warband. I am still rank 25 and maybe gained 2 bars? That was with turning in the 20 players killed quests at least 5 times.

On a positive note, my system handled the huge fight just fine. No slide show or anything. Overall, it was a great time and I hope to find that kind of action tonight.


Haha I was gunning for you last night. I saw you. I would run right in the middle just in the hopes of at least whacking you once or twice. Yeah I died alot. Good fun though. Good fun.

You have to be quick, as I don't like to die and run away ;)

So much loot was dropping too, I ended up just hitting pass on everything. Need more bag space.

I'm a chosen, named Rivs. My guild is Einherjar

Yeah the loot train was rolling last night, of course no good chosen

I will be looking for you now. Of course, all I can do to a Chosen is knockback and run ;)

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