Thursday, October 2, 2008

Queue me up

Mythic's change to allow a player to queue for all scenarios they can, from anywhere, has been great. My Engineer (Rank 17) is in T2 land and has had little trouble getting into the scenarios. Before this patch, unless I was in a group which was scattered all over the world, I was only queued up for 1 scenario. Now I am in line for all 3, and the wait is not long.

The past few days I have only been able to play for some short clips at a time. Before the change I could only get a couple scenarios in. Now I can spend almost the entire time in the action. It has been a lot of fun!

Tier 1 is a different story. I have a few alts down there... sometimes a new playstyle is refreshing. Anyways, I queued up for all 3, but only the Nordlandwatch scenario ever came up. I can understand Khaines Embrace not popping, but Gates of Ekrund is fun and quick. So I am leaning towards there being some kind of bug.

There is one more thing they need to do: Right-Click on icon, 'Queue All' option in the menu.


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