Monday, October 6, 2008

A Letter to WAR PvE

Dear WAR PvE,

It's not you, it's me. I know people use this all the time, but I mean it. You must noticed that we have not spent as much time together as we used to. The truth is, I have met someone else, and you know her. It is your sister, PvP.

It seems we have just grown apart. You are a wonderful catch and someone else will be very lucky to have you. Your quests are well written and interesting. They don't frustrate the hell out of me and provide worthwhile rewards. So really, it is just me who has changed. I just need more excitement in my life you know? You would be great to settle down with, but I am just not at that point in my life yet.

Unless I can see both you and your sister... No? It was worth a try.

You deserve better than me, someone who can devote their attention to you and keep progressing. So really this is probably best for both of us. I have enjoyed the time we spent together and will never forget it. Maybe we can stay friends and do a PQ together once in a while.

Yours in WAR,



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