Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Forbidden Kingdom

Yesterday I took a break from WAR, for some kung-fu war. The Forbidden Kingdom is a film starting Jackie Chan and Jet Li. I am not a huge martial arts film guy, but I do enjoy them on occasion.

The plot was: good guys, bad guys and kung-fu. What more do you need? The action sequences were well done with lots of beat downs being handed down. The movie reminded me of an 80's movie too, as there was an American teenager who is in over his head and has a crazy adventure. Also, a bully gets what is coming to him.

The movie was a bit silly at times, yea King Monkey I am looking at you. It was made for Western markets, so no subtitle or dubbing needed. It is pretty amazing how Jet-Li can star in so many movies without really every saying anything. He just gets paid for ass kickings. Sounds like a sweet gig, I think I will look that up on careerbuilder.


Yea it wasn't bad, plus I have this unquenchable crush on asian kung fu chicks, and there's some hotties in that movie

You are correct about that, Sparrow and the Witch.

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