Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm not dead yet

With the impending announcement of Bioware's new Star Wars theme MMO (yea, it is pretty much official now), you might be surprised that Star Wars: Galaxies is still alive and kicking.

I know some of you out there get angered by this fact, for whatever non-nonsensical reason. But alas it is true, and I am thankful for it. I do not currently play SWG, but I think it is a very good game. If I had more time, I would play.

the folks over at SOE are getting ready to release a new Chapter, The Battle of Echo Base. Echo Base is the location where the snow battle takes place in Empire Strikes Back. The battle is actually a Heroic Encounter (instanced dungeon/raid'ish). Depending on whether your are Imperial or Rebel, you will have a different experience. It is PvE only, so now PvP in there.

One new addition is the use of vehicles, so you can get in an AT-ST or a Snowspeeder and fight. This is something new to the SWG game, so hopefully it will work out well and we will see more in the future.

It is great to see them put more iconic content in the game, as the original trilogy is what I think Star Wars is. SOE and Lucas Arts have obviously not given up on SWG yet. What does that mean for Bioware's venture? Who knows, it could be something totally different than SWG which would allow both to live together.


These days I like to say the original SWG was the best world-focused MMO to date.

It's my favorite MMO experience. And it was obviously never a failure like people often say, because SOE wouldn't keep it alive if they weren't making money off it. But I can understand how its emphasis on the world, over normal goals and gameplay, didn't appeal to many.

But the genre as a whole would be much better off if they had taken more lessons from it.

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