Friday, October 3, 2008

100th Post!

Hard to believe it has been 100 posts. I am pretty surprised I have been able to keep up with this long enough to reach this mark. If no one was reading it I probably would have closed it down, so thanks to you folks out there!

I would like to think my writing has improved over the past 100 posts. It could be a lot better, but that is a process for me. I am usually a 'to-the-point' kinda guy, so filling up space is a challenge. As I have said before, I love bullet points, it is just how I think. That is great for Power Point presentations, but not for other kinds of writing.

So in the end, I think this blog has improved me and hopefully wasted some of your time at work :)


Bullet points are fine. I'll give you some of my rambling mad skilz if you let me borrow some brevity. I'll give it right back, I promise!

Grats on the 100!

congrats Werit :) I enjoy your work

Grat's Werit! You have now reached a level where you can pwn blogn00bz!

Gratz! I love your blog. It has a nice to the point style I enjoy

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