Friday, October 24, 2008

Worst Grind Ever?

For me, that award goes to:Yes, a road. 495 is the beltway around Washington DC. I used to have to travel on it daily, now only rarely. Still, it makes me sick just thinking about having to get on it. The traffic knows no logic or time of day. The best laid plans can be ruined by this beast. Why does this heavily trafficked highway go down to 2 lanes? Just one of the many questions about this Grind....

So how about you?


Sorry to hear that bud, I've been on that road. My nemesis to work is I580 and BART :P from Pleasanton to San Francisco

I can throw a stone and hit my house from work. I am highly mobile. When I get a new job I move five minutes away from it. I'm very spoiled. Back in the day though I use to have a 2 hour commute. Worst ever was the Dirty Dan Ryan I-57 from south burbs to Chicago

Dayton I-75 through downtown. Bad original design and lots over next X years of construction to fix. And its my drive too and from work.

I have a 5-10 minute commute from my house 2 miles from my job. My worst grind is the laundry room... No sooner is the laundry done than someone has thrown something dirty into my empty laundry basket...

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