Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Global RvR chat channel

World RvR in WAR has been suffering when compared to scenarios. It seems pretty simple as to why, scenarios are easy. Just queue up and often (on order) you are in the action within a minute or two. With world RvR you need to get a group together and go take some objectives or find the action. This can often take a while to accomplish.

Tier based chat channels for world RvR may help the situation. It would make it much easier to find other like-minded players or just find out where the fighting is taking place. Open groups do not really help the situation, as I would have to create a group and go sit in a RvR zone... and wait.

I wouldn't think the chat channels would be difficult to implement, especially considering possible benefit of increased world RvR.


The tools are already there to create and maintain global chat channels. On Averheim, you can get to it by /chan Order. You might need to enable channel 2 on your chat window if you haven't made multiple channels yet.

That is true. They just need to make them official and automatic, ala WoW's city channels.

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