Monday, November 3, 2008

Is the Honeymoon Over?

Games are a lot like relationships. They start up hot and heavy, you just cannot get enough of each other. Everything is great and it seems like it will never end. Like all good things, it does come to and end. Games are no different, and as you have likely seen a lot of blogs have been posting their post-honeymoon blues. Some have even decided to break it off.

Once the honeymoon is over, you see your partner (or in this case, game) for what they really are. Sometimes, what you see is still great and still what you want. Other times, you are left wondering... "What was I thinking?" or "I hope my friends don't find out that I....". It is the natural course of events.

The Honeymoon is over between me and WAR, it actually has been for a while now. I am continuing to see WAR and have no plans on breaking it off. Is She perfect? Not really, but neither am I. Some things I do not like about her:

  • The 20's are taking forever. Order needs help in T4, but we just can't level up quick enough. The fact that Destruction has moved on to T4, means that scenarios are slower, which means slower leveling for me (I don't want to PvE).
  • As a non-magnet Engineer... I am tired of being so squishy and having no ability anyone fears.
  • Open RvR, in a warband, is a recipe for slowing the leveling process.
  • I am tired of doing the same scenario 90% of the time in each tier.
  • I wish my gun and cloak didn't clip. I could always not show the cloak, but still.
  • I need more bag space.
  • Still have very few RvR Tome Unlock
  • When 'The Witching Night' is over, Open RvR will again be difficult to find.
Even with those faults, I do enjoy WAR's company:
  • Fighting in Open RvR and scenarios is fun.
  • The many classes are different and gives replay value.
  • CoW are great folks.
  • I can play for a short period of time.
WAR is also cool with us just having a casual sort of things. I can just call her up on short notice and we'll hang out. No spending the weekend together or meeting her parents. If I want to go hang out with another friend ( Fallout 3), WAR has no problem with that.

So the Honeymoon is over, but the relationship goes on.


I hope you weren't planning on having kids ;) (jk)

"Is the Honeymoon Over?" - Yep
However... sure is one fine marriage.

Some my sentiments exactly Werit. I love Open RvR but if there ain't none to be had, your screwed.

Would kids be alts?

@way: not screwed, just scenario'd.

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