Monday, November 17, 2008

WAR Weekend Report plus Gripe

That's right, I am including a Monday Gripe with this edition of the WAR Weekend Report... at no extra charge! How's that for value?

Overall, my weekend was pretty good. Werit is now at BR 30/ RR 30. I got some prime-time WAR in on Friday Night with some guildies and alliance folks. Most of the time was spent in tier 3 with two keep defenses. We won both fights, but they were not easy. The 2nd keep defense they made it into the Keep Lords room. It could have gone either way.

And now for the gripe. I hate when players say, "let them take the keep, so we can re-take it and get bags." Forum goers will readily blame Mythic for this, and as usual, they are wrong. The problem is players playing the system, not the game. This has always been a problem and always will be. Here are the incentives I need:

  • Fighting is fun.
  • It is our keep and they want it.
That's it. Just play the game and not the system... you'll be happier in the end. Ok, end of Gripe.

Saturday I did not play too much. I ran some scenarios when I had free time, nothing too intense. Sunday I was planning on playing a bit, as Destruction threw down a gauntlet. Sadly the action did not really start until late afternoon and my time was limited. I went to Dragonwake to join the fight. We were beaten pretty easily there.

Then it was off to Praag where we had some successes. Then their reinforcements arrived and I think we were beaten there too. I had to log off, so I can't be sure. Destruction was definitely better organized than we were. They also had superior numbers, but it may not have mattered that day.

How much Fallout 3 did I play? Zero. I really meant too. Every time I get on the computer I think, "Let me just check to see if something is going on in WAR first." The next thing I know, I have run out of time to play Fallout 3. I apologize fallout 3, I will make time for you.


I have this feeling that when the dust clears WAR will be the game we want, with a tight competetive community on both sides of the fence, at least that's what I'm hoping for.

I know what you mean with Fallout.

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