Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fallout 3: Blood Ties

Since WAR was down this morning, it gave me a chance to play some Fallout 3. What a great game. I am only Level 5 and have not done too much at all yet. This morning I decided to finish up the Blood ties quest you get in Megaton.

***Spoiler Warning***

I had already searched 2 of the 3 locations for the missing brother. Of course the one I needed to go to was the last one. That cave was a pain and I hate radscorpians. But I do love mines... so it evened out. Anyway, I made my way to the subway station.

It got a little confusing at that point. I ran into a ghoul named Murphy... who runs a meth... er Jet lab out of the subway. Not really far fetched actually. He needs some Sugar Bombs (food) to make UltraJet. I used my Speech skill and got him up to 30 caps per sugar bomb. Looks like I can buy some UltraJet later on too... not that I would do such a thing :)

That was really all the subway had to offer... or so I thought. Here is where I am supposed to find lucy's brother... so there had to be more. Luckily, I came across this blog. There is a manhole in the room with the radioactive barrels. It leads to some tunnels and 2 of those shellfish things which are a pain to kill. I used a Combat Shotgun. So eventually you are in the subway tunnels. At the end is the train yard. If you are there, you went too far.

The path veers off and leads to the 'Family.' These are a bunch of vampire wannabes... but they are not hostile. I ended up working out a deal between them and the town and everyone is happy. The lead guy, Vance, gives you a schematic. Although I bet you can just kill him and take it.

Also, once you go back to the town and tell them everything is ok, return to the Family. You can talk to Vance about how to be a vampire... which will get you something (nothing bad).

I may go back and wipe out the Family. I don't like the idea of 'vampires' running around. Can't be good for anyone. Also, they have a lot of stuff... which I could use.


Ohh.. Fallout 3!!! I am going to get it this Friday. (Best Buy even sent me a $5 reward card). So five off .. Nice way to sweeten the deal. Since WAR has gone into a “steady state” game mode (I don’t feel I need to play every second of the day, however enjoy when I do play) I like to mix up my game time with some non-MMO / non-fantasy gaming. And Fallout 3 is looking to fill that nicely.

Thanks man, I missed the manhole and was stumped on where to find the Family. :)

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