Monday, November 24, 2008

Werit the Devastator

This weekend was actually pretty busy and did not allow too much game time. It used to be holidays meant more game time. When you are all grown up it actually starts to mean less game time. Oh the irony. I did get some WAR in though.

Werit is now at BR 31/RR 31.

Friday night I started off with some world RvR. Being the loyal Order Dwarf I am, I followed the call to Dragonwake, where Destruction was attacking the Drake keep. There were warning signs when I entered the province that it may have been a bad idea. There were no open warbands, the rest of the map was red and there was very little chatter on the region channel. I made my way to the keep.

It was pretty quiet outside of the keep, no Destruction waiting, so I started to get a bad feeling. I went to the first postern door (you know, the close one). What happened next was pretty funny, at least in my mind. I appeared on the other side of the door, flanked by two Destruction tanks and starting at at least 3 Destruction casters (all WAAAGGGHFFFLE House members). I must have caught them off guard, because I was able to click the door and hit flee.

I warned folks riding to the door and came back with about 4 or 5 others a few minutes later. I had tried the other entrances, but they looked pretty defended too. I should have taken the hint and went off to do something else, but we Dwarves are a stubborn bunch. So with my fellow Order, we pushed through the postern door.

In the warmer months, I would not have minded a dip in the pool. However it is pretty cold here these days, so the multiple purple lakes (Pit of Shades) that awaited me when I zoned in were not welcome. I was dead before i could get a skill off. That pretty much ended my T4 adventures for the night.

The alliance (Redemption), which CoW is a part of was getting together a force to retake Avelorn. I joined up, because being a 31 in T3 should make me feel better about the beating I just endured. We managed to capture both keeps and all the objectives with some Destruction resistance. I walked away with 2 gold bags, one included the Devestator's Bulwark. This completed the set, giving us Werit the Devastator.


I love the those Waaaggghffle House guys, their good peeps.

Sounds like i missed alot of good Open RvR this weekend. DAMN!

So true though about growing up and the holidays.

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