Wednesday, November 5, 2008

You don't need to be the fastest...

you just need to be faster than the Dwarf Engineer.

Yesterday was a rough day for me in WAR. During the week, I only have one or two hour long chunks of play time. What I generally like to do it queue up all the scenarios, then go find a fight in Avelorn or whatever Tier 3 zone I am in. If there looks like there will be some action, I leave the scenario queue.

There is often a Witch Elf (and at least one companion) hoping to jump a player when they come over the Avelorn bridge. I fell victim to it before, and did again yesterday. I was however ready for the Witch Elf. I was not ready for the DoK.

There I was fighting on the bridge, 2 vs 1, when a fellow Order player rides right by me on the bridge. Didn't get off his horse, just kept on his merry way. I, of course, died. Undaunted I return, find a Witch Hunter willing to fight and we get some revenge.

Later on, there were about 4-5 of us in the vicinity of the bridge looking for Destruction, because they are there somewhere. We are not grouped, the other show no interest in a group as they are in one. Are they in one with each other? Who knows... So 3 Destruction start advancing on us. Awesome, time for a fight.

I take a shot to dismount one of them, and setup a turret. It seems awful quiet around me. I look behind me and see my Order 'allies' flee'ing across the bridge, even though we have them outnumbered. I drop a landmine behind me and follow suit. Destruction eventually catches up and kills me near the end of the bridge, not far from my 'allies.'

Just one of those days in WAR I guess.


Here I thought Order was more cohesive, brothers in arms. Destruction "allies" sometimes spit on ya when their passing your corpse. It's fun being evil. LOL!

Umm no, Order is never like that. In ANY game. Alliance, whatever you want to call it, for some reason they just are not hardcore into PVP and I do not understand why. So I have to give my sympathies to Werit

I don't mind dying, although I'd prefer not to. I just want to fight :(

Anyone can be an idiot, no matter what side of the WAR he or she fights on. :P

Sucks you had to experience that!

Well due to the destro population imbalance there is a larger than normal amount of serious pvp oriented guilds that either rolled Order initially or got fed up with the destro situtaion and rerolled order(like mine :)). So there is hope!

This happens a lot to me on both sides. I'm fighting, holding the line, turn my camera around and suddenly everyone is gone. Instead of pushing their advantage they always retreat. What is wrong with people.

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