Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Werit Invades Northrend

Yesterday, my Copy of Wrath of the Lich King arrived. Since I still had an active subscription I figured I'd log in and see how it was going. My Protection Warrior was vacationing is Outland, so he took the first portal back to Stormwind. I cleared out his Quest Log and his inventory, and it was off to the harbor.

The harbor is actually pretty scenic. What is the deal with that gigantic gate? What is it keeping away from the harbor?

This leads me to my first complaint. Why am I going to Northrend? I could not find any quest to send me there. The boat at Stormwind will take me to Borean Tundra, while the boat in Menethil Harbor will take me to the Howling Fjord. Why would I go to one zone over another? Why go at all? I hear this is a big bad Lich King, but that is about it. I was hoping for some sort of story arch.

So I hopped on the boat to the Borean Tundra, for whatever reason. I only did about ~7 quests but everything seems nice enough. I like the environment. It looks like I will be fighting off the forces of the Lich King and looking into some Cultists.

One nice touch is that achievements gained are broadcasted to guild members, and it has nice clickable link text which tells you what it means.

So far, I have no replaced any gear (Kara stuff) and gold will be plentiful. There are a bunch of new combat animations I see going on which I have no clue about.

That pretty much covers my adventures in Northrend yesterday. I hope to get some time in today, but Heavy Metal calls.


Welcome back to the mother ship.

Your indoctrination back into the collective will start momentarily.

Do not fear, you are in good hands finally.

Hehe, my plan as always been WoW for PvE and WAR for PvP. The one who really suffers is Fallout 3.

I haven't replaced much tanking gear (mostly Kara/T4/ZA) by 74 at all. There are some quests in The Nexus (one of the instances) which have nice tanking gear but it looks to me as though a lot of the upgrades will be from crafted stuff.

Blacksmithing has some really nice tanking and healing sets on it now (!)

Fricking I have had nothing but trouble with WoW lately.

@Oakstout lol, nice
@Werit you missed the Bone dragon event aparently last week. It was all over the blogosphere. search google blogs for bone dragons and you'll get an idea of what they did to lead up to it.

@spinks: Thats good to hear. I have no BS crafting plans, as it is just too grindy.

@way: huh? :)

@thall: I do recall that now, but still... there should be some quest over there, just seems odd.

@Spinks, I agree, I've seen anything that would warrant changing out any of my Kara gear so far. I did upgrade a necklace, but it wasn't a huge upgrade. I'm trying to find a good shield right now, but I might have to wait till I get up to 75, I'm currently 71.

I will say, I have tanked two instances and they go really fast. At the most 4 bosses, and we just chewed them up. Not sure what Heroic will look like, but normal is pretty easy. I think we wiped 2 times out of two dungeon's only because I wasn't familar with the boss fights.

Other than I wish the encounters were a bit harder in there, it was a good experience. We did try the one with the spider's but it was too hard, so that one will have to wait, I think the bosses were 74 elites.

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