Monday, November 10, 2008

WAR Weekend Report

This weekend, Saturday specifically, was one of the most fun I have had in WAR. It all started on Saturday morning (EST) when a guildie (Thunda) and I were looking for trouble in Avelorn. We did not find too much, as it was morning. So Thunda suggested we claim the keep in the name of CoW.

I had a standard and not much else to do, so why not. I went and claimed it. Thunda claimed Destruction loved taking our keeps... I had my doubts. I was wrong. The rest of the day was full of action in Avelorn. On at least 3 separate occasions (and one on Sunday), Destruction attempted to take the keep.

The Casualties of WAR recently joined the Redemption Allience (War Dogs, Obsideon Order) . This would be very important as our allies were instrumental in defending the keep. There were also many other who showed up. Order was very active in Tier 3.

The battles for the keep were very good. Numbers wise, I don't think any side had an obvious advantage, but it was really tough to tell as there were a lot on each side. On each attempt, Destruction got further into the keep. During the 3rd attempt (Saturday night), they reached the keep lords room before we were able to push them back.

I did not get to play much on Sunday, but was told there was another attack which we were able to repel. The status of the keep is currently unknown.

I had a lot of fun, probably ranks up there with the most fun I have had in WAR. Thanks to our allies for helping us defend. Thanks for Destruction for attacking and making it a good time.

I am currently RR 28/BR 28.... when T4 needs me, I will be there.


So thats where everyone was. Open RvR. There were no Destro in the scenarios it appeared. I was slacking this weekend. I gotta get going on the grinding out the XP.

One thing is for sure when everyone is in T4, it will be exciting I think on Averheim.

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