Tuesday, November 4, 2008

PS3 and Me

Late to the party, I received a Playstation 3
last week. I have been the owner of the XBox 360 since it launched and a victim of the red ring of death. When the HD-DVD addon came out, I jumped all over it. It allowed me to have a low cost of entry to the HD movie age. Alas, it was not meant to be, and HD-DVD went the way of Beta.

So what caused me to pull the trigger on the PS3? I wish I could say it was the games, but I cannot. It was the Blu-Ray movies. Right now, there are a ton of movies out that I never saw in theaters. Iron Man, Incredible Hulk and Dark Knight (coming soon) are a few examples. Normally I would just get these in HD from Comcast On-Demand... but I could no longer wait.

So I went with the unbundled 80gb version of the PS3. It came with 1 controller and no games. The sad part is there are not any games that forced me to buy the console. I'm sure I will pick up a game soon though. LittleBigPlanet is supposed to be pretty good.

The first thing I noticed about the PS3 was its size. Microsoft and Sony must have switched places this year, because the PS3 is big. Setup was pretty painless... although I don't 'get' the on-screen keyboard. It just confused me, so I stayed with User 1. It should be noted you can plug in a USB keyboard.

The interface seems decent enough, no complaints yet. Of course, I have not even made a PSN account yet and only watched a movie. More on the movie later.

I am happy so far, I can play Blu-Ray movies, PS3 games and the final slot in my entertainment center is now filled.


Awesome FINALLY someone I can talk about blu rays with. Welcome to the next gen of movies.

Screw the games, get the HULK on Blu-Ray ASAP. Iron Man is nice, but the picture quality is no where near the Hulk.

Your new favorite site should be


Learn it well, and remember to use that Amazon buy 2 get one free deal and hit up EBAY, try to avoid the chain stores for blu-rays.


@hud: Hulk is on my short list to get. So it will be had soon.

I was not expecting online BR extras, didn't check out Iron Mans yet though.

Times like this I wish I had a 1080p projector... Home Theater v3.0 will.... someday ;)

The PS3 doesn't present a consistent onscreen keyboard. Sometimes its a full QWERTY keyboard, and sometimes its a number pad where you multi-tap the numbers until it gets to the letter you want (just like text messaging on a cell phone.)

LittleBigPlanet is loads of fun. Metal Gear Solid 4 is a great game to get as well (though only if you have the patience for looooong cut scenes...).

@lars: Must have been that non-qwerty one I saw.

MGS4... Over time I have come to realize I hate stealth gameplay. So MGS/Splinter Cell have never appealed to me. I am much more of a blow up stuff gamer.

Can you download system updates without being on PSN? If not, definitely set up an account (its free, after all) and get that puppy updated. You see that weird cellphone keyboard a lot less often then. Plus the browser will get updated to support Hulu.com.

And don't forget you can stream media from your PCs to the PS3, too!

@Pete: You can update without a PSN account, as I did upgrade to 2.5. I will be setting one up eventually though.

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