Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Iron Man

Last week I got my hands on a PS3 to use as a full-time Blue-Ray player and a part time game player. The first movie I watched was Iron Man. I never did see it in theaters... in fact I have not even been to a movie theater in a couple years. I did hear much praise about this movie, so I was looking forward to it coming out on BR-DVD.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie very much. It had plenty of action and was low on the cheesy scale. I should mention I am not a comic book reader, so this was really my first introduction to Iron Man. One thing I thought was lame was his chest reactor. People have pacemakers, so it isn't the fact that he needs one that bugs me. It is just the way it looks. It is on the outside of his body and glows. Cover that thing up, it looks weird.

The picture quality of the Blu-Ray was very good, as was the sound. I found Tony Stark's character to be very entertaining too. I consider it a step above the Spider-Man movies. I can;t wait for the sequel in 2010... and The Avengers in 2011. Most of you have likely seen this movie, but if you haven't and like action... go check it out.


Ok now get the Hulk. More action, even better picture quality on Blu Ray

I enjoyed Hulk more, probably because I grew up on the TV series, and Ed Norton such a phenom actor. Also Hulk gives props to Lou Ferringo, and Bill Bixby.

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