Wednesday, November 12, 2008

WAR, a few requests

WAR, there are a few things a I need. They are not big things, but would help me out.

  • I need a Scenario Queue time estimate. It doesn't have to be extremely accurate, just give me a ballpark figure. If it will likely be 30 minutes before one comes up I will go do something else. It will also stop me from wondering... "Is it just me? Am I not synced up right?"
  • I need some feedback on what that keep I claimed is doing for me. I hear it may be contributing Guild XP, but where do I check? How much is it actually costing me?
  • I need the UI to tell me that I have a debuff on me that hurts me when I move. Yea, I am looking at you Witch Elf. I know an addon probably does this, but it should be standard in the game. There are numerous dots, so it is tough to tell.
  • I need to be able to find where the open world RvR action is at a glimpse. Give me a listing of all RvR open parties, filtered by tier. This would be a great time saving feature.
  • I need a 'Clear All' scenario button. We have a 'Join All' button for scenarios, how about a 'Clear All' option? It can get pretty annoying when queueing up a party and everyone having to get synced. Especially since we really don;t know what synced means. I usually throw some salt over my shoulder just to be sure.
Those are not too tough, right? They would improve my gaming experience, so I hope to see them in the game sometime soon.


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