Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Incredible Hulk

This weekend, I got a chance to watch The Incredible Hulk on Blu-Ray. I was looking forward to this one as I had heard good things, especially from Hudson. I seem to have been one of the few who enjoyed Ang Lee's Hulk. Oddly enough, so did Ysh over at Stylish Corpse. We seem to be on the same movie schedule.

Overall I enjoyed the move a lot. Edward Norton is usually pretty good and this was no exception. The action was pretty crazy and the story was good too. the picture and sound were top notch.

***Spoiler Warning***

Some random thoughts and questions...

  • Lou Ferringo was a nice touch. I also enjoyed him when he was on King of Queens... good show. Who doesn't like a free surprise pizza?
  • You wouldn't like me when I'm hungry.
  • It seemed like they were hinting at two sequels, one with the strange Dr. Sterns and one with Iron Man and posse. It could just be one sequel though. IMDB shows no sequels for Norton.
  • Why would Iron Man (and the Avengers?) be going after Hulk? One, it ended on a good note with Hulk saving the day, two Stark is now a 'good' guy at the end of Iron Man. I'm not a comic book reader, so maybe the answer is there.
  • Guatemala to Virginia in two weeks, starting with nothing but tattered pants. Impressive.


Re: Sequels - The Hulk is one OF the Avengers, so Stark and Ross were meeting to discuss how to go about making that happen.

The Avengers movie is due out... 2011? I think a Hulk sequel is scheduled for 2010. So Sterns' brainiac badguy (The Overlord I think? I can't remember his name right at the moment.) will be in the sequel, and then the Avengers would have the Hulk as well.

As for Norton, there was a dispute over something (the script maybe?) when the movie underperformed (still had a 400 million worldwide gross when all was said and done, but leave it to Hollywood to complain over that). So now it's up in the air as to whether he'll return.

I hope he does... far better Banner than Eric Bana.

The Norton Hulk wasn't bad, much more exciting than the depressing Ang Lee version, but still the CG looked pretty weak at times, not as good as some of the Spider Man and Iron Man stuff. But I guess rendering flesh, even if its green can be pretty hard to make realistic under certain circumstances.

Lets not forget the Captain America movie, which is titled, Captain America, the First Avenger. It will probably be the Cap from the 50's before he gets frozen in the article, not sure if Bucky will have an appearance. The mention of Dr. Stern's as strange had me thinking they might have a DR. Strange movie in the works, which would be awesome.

Lets not forget the Wolverine that's in production currently.

Why would the Avenger be after Hulk? At the end of the movie he (Hulk) seemed like a good guy.

After him as ONE of them. He's part of the Avengers. Stark is approaching Ross at the end of the film to track down Banner and convince him to join the Avengers. :)

Aha, I took it the wrong way. Sounded to me as if they wanted to go hunt him down.

I really hope Norton comes back though.

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