Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Feedback: WAR Addons

My question to you, on this snowy Friday, is:

Do you use any addons for WAR? If so, which ones and why?

I currently do not use any. I'm not even sure what is out there and what I am missing.


I use quite a few:

WAR Scrolling Combat Text
Auto Dismount

In short, you are missing out on a lot. There's probably an addon for every WAR need and some for stuff you didn't even know you needed.

Tell you the truth, I don't use addon's either. I probably should. Ever since my account got hacked in World of Warcraft though I've been MOD shy.

I use a few;

Influence Text

Personally I don't think anyone is missing much if they don't use any mods, not like in WoW.

I use the auto dismount (it dismisses your mount if you attack or use an ability) and its indispensable. The rest of my add-ons I probably could live without. I do have some add-ons to aid with assists but I haven't one I like. I want one that does sticky assisting (so it changes target automatically when the main assist changes his target) and works across groups (such as in a warband).

I haven't gotten into the whole mod think in WAR yet. Part of me has been waiting for the code base to become stable. I really hate having to keep mods updated. And unlike WOW, there's not really pressing need for mods. Sure, they would make my life a tab bit easier. But unless there's one out there to let me blink in more players whenever I need some, I don't feel yet like I'm missing too much. ;-)

I find I crash a whole lot less when I'm not using add-ons, so that's the way I'll be keeping it unless something truly essential comes along.

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