Monday, November 24, 2008

WAR Scheduling change Update

Remember this? Well, I have spent my afternoon playing WAR doing World RvR. So I guess that change will start tomorrow? ;)

Today's Heavy Metal quest was to kill 15 players in World RvR, so this may have lead to the surge in activity.


I know the feeling, I've tried to do the same type of thing as well. It was mainly when I had multiple MMO's going, and trying to make sure I spend adequate time with each so I don't feel like I am wasting money!

I had some of the most fun yesterday in oRvR as well. As in...nearly 6 hours of non stop fighting (T3 Brettonia server). I guess it's enough just to get people out there and once things get started they continue because I had completed the live event in the first 30 minutes...I have to believe most others did as well...yet the fighting continued. There was at least 3 warbands per side by the end when I finally had to log off for some sleep. Quite the fun time :)

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