Thursday, June 3, 2010

Spring Cleaning

In a post last week, I wrote about my efforts to bring my Fallen Earth character back in line with my goals.  Since that is done, the next step is to do a bit of spring cleaning.  It is very easy to become a pack rat in FE.  Eventually it just became too much, so I had to make a change.

There is an extraordinary amount of items you can obtain in fallen Earth.  A large part of them are crafting ingredients.  Since I want to work on getting all of my tradeskills maxed out, I could use all of the items.  With a finite amount of storage space, I quickly became a candidate for Hoarders.

That is just what I carry on my person.  As you can see, I am very close to the weight limit.  It makes it tough to go about your business killing when you can't loot anything.  One of the nice features of FE is that mounts have storage space.  Different types of mounts can carry different amounts.  Well, my poor horse is loaded down with stuff too.

Speaking of mounts, did you know that you could right click on an item and there is a 'To Mount' option?  It is very handy as it saves the player a few clicks.

There are a couple of ways Icarus could improve the inventory situation.  One, I would love to be able to sort my inventory by weight.  It would save me quite a bit of time when figuring out how to free up some space.  Two, when crafting, I would like to see what I can craft based on my inventory, mount storage and bank storage.  Everquest 2 does this and it is very helpful.

The first step in this cleanup was to try and use all of these items.  If it could be crafted, it was.  This freed up a good amount of inventory and gave me skill points.  With FE's real time crafting, I could go about other business while I waited.

Even though I ran a lot of crafting jobs, my inventory was still unacceptable.  Next step was to sell off everything I could.  My clearance sale netted me about 4 blue chips, which is good amount of money in Sector 1.  Finally, my inventory was manageable.

With my character all set and my inventory clean it is time to get back into the wasteland.  In fact, I think I deserve a bit of a reward.  Next week I will check out the entertainment facilities, and perhaps lose some of those newly acquired chips.