Friday, June 18, 2010

News from the Front 6/18

So, what's been going on this week?  We got some interesting news about career changes in 1.3.6.  it was also the week of E3.  While there was nothing specific to WAR, there are a ton of good games coming out on all platforms this year.  To the front!


  • Nate posted a piece of their planned 1.3.6 career changes.  Like last patch, this was just a glimpse and not the full scope. 
New WAR Blog
  • Tyanon ponders the new career changes and professes his love for Carrie.
  • His name is Blurring Shock and he has an AoE problem.  Has to do with one of those elf classes, so be warned. 
  • Bootae has put together some interesting T4 improvement ideas.  It's the deluxe version with maps AND pictures.
  • Zizlak has some very nice pictures that prove WAR can be a beautiful thing
  • It's a Guild Dance Party, who could ask for more?
  • Rancid wonders what the hell is going on with the Skaven rumors.  Splinter vs Chaos,  I think we all know who would win that one.
  • Speaking of Skaven, Rank-n-vile has his on thoughts on the matter.
  • You know who likes cake and eating it too?  WASDStomp does and apparently Archmages.
  • Lokax put up a Black Orc Tanking mastery guide.  If you want to tank as a BO, go check it out