Thursday, June 17, 2010

It takes skills

One thing I have always neglected in Fallen Earth has been my skills.  Since I have been concentrating on crafting, I only needed the most basic of combat training.  In order to actually progress, I figured it was time to complete some quests and get on with the story.

As you probably know, Fallen Earth is a skill based game.  You earn AP's which can ten be spent on increasing attributes or specific skills.  Once you have a certain amount of skill points allocated you can learn new and special abilities.  Even though Fallen Earth uses a FPS combat model, it also uses some hotbar skills common in other MMO's.

Since I am still at a low level and a crafter, my choices are a bit limited.  In a previous post I went over my focus on Rifles, so I decided to learn Precise Aim (Volume 1).  It adds 5 to my Rifle skill while activated and lets me regen stamina faster.  It's a buff, so I may as well be using it. 

Speaking of hotbar's, They are pretty easy to use in Fallen Earth.  Just click and drag the box down and they will appear.  Then you can drag the skill to any slot, just like other games.

Another tip is there are a bunch of useful abilities available to you that are not on your bar by default.  Buckle Down and Staunch Would (heal with bandage) are two great examples.  You should also check out your mutations, since you start with an instant heal and a speed buff (by default). 

My action bar went from empty to what you see above.  These abilities should make gathering certain crafting materials easier, especially when I venture into the PvP areas.  Oh yea, you can't keep me away from them even if I am a crafter.