Monday, June 21, 2010

New Vanity Pets for WAR?

There is an interesting post on the WAR Europe forums.  It seems an article about Warhammer Online in White Dwarf Magazine (Games Workshop) mentions the addition of new pets and familiars to the game.  Considering the source, it seems like it could be more than just a rumor.  So, how plausible is this rumor?

It does appear that there will be pets added to the game.  The files do show some of the possibilities.

NOTE:  None of this is official and could change at any time.  Until Mythic talks about it, I consider it a rumor. 

Here are just some of the pets listed in the files:

Powder Monkey ( tabletop pic )
Drumming Bear ( pic from tabletop via this post )
Dark Sprite
2-Headed Hound
Snotling Herald
Dwarven Pitbull

There are a number of variations for each pet and some I left off of the list.  I found no indication of their purpose, abilities (if any) or cost.  Is it part of something bigger?  Lots of questions still to be answered.