Thursday, June 24, 2010

WAR in Europe III

That's right, we are still not done with the WAR Europe blogs and fansites.  It is looking like I will beat out Jaws for the number of sequels.  I think these posts and the News from the Front show that the WAR community is rather large and still growing.  Stop by some of these sites if you get a chance.

Montbron is another German WAR blogger.  He has close to 100 WAR posts and a bunch of other interesting content.  If you can read German and like WAR, this is a blog you should be reading daily. (Translate)

Blaq is another European who posts at Don't mention ze WAR.  Looks like he is an Order player on Karak Norn.  A nice variety of posts about WAR in general.  It is in English and should be in your blog roll.

WAR Welten is a German (yes, another one!) community fansite.  It covers some of the latest news, guides, chat and forums to discuss WAR.  Seems like a great place to stop by if you speak the language. (Translate)

One Shard is a long time WAR Blogger who you probably know already.  He plays Destruction on Karak Azgal.  I'll forgive his poor realm choice since he blogs.  If he is not already on your blog roll, you should be ashamed.

Svea Ulvar is a Swedish guild site.  They play a few games including WAR and DAoC.  In WAR, they are based on Karak Norn and play Order. They do have a news section on their site where they post happenings and some video. (Translate)