Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Best Part of 1.3.5

In last weeks contest, participants answered with what they thought was the best part of WAR's 1.3.5 patch.  As you might have guessed, many of the responses include mention of the new city siege system.  It's hard to argue with that, as they can be quite fun.  Read on for what a few of the entrants had to say.

Here are some of the entries I received:

I like new city sieges at best, because they finally bring that proclaimed Waaaaaaghhh!!!! to WAR! And its fantastic to go into fight with your king by side of your friends like champs....killin your enemies and then finally slay Emperor! I have many 40s for both order and destro and I'm playing from openbeta, but because I'm in small guild (party of friends of mine) I never had the chance to kill king before!!!

I think the best part of 1.3.5 is the changes to the city and the possibility to get Sovereign armor.  On our server, Badlands, it was nearly impossible to push the city to stage 2 because of PUG groups in other instances.  The new patch removed the link between instances and each one determines its own fate.  That’s the best part of 1.3.5.

The best part of 1.3.5 is the realization that RvR is what drives the community behind this game.  The Dev's are not afraid to be humble and acknowledge where things can be improved, and they go straight to the community to ask them what they want.  While the PvE content is engaging, I feel that the game has taken a massive step in the right direction with the RvR Oriented sieges.  Overall this will help to bring old vets and new players alike flocking back to the WAR!

My most favorite part regarding 1.3.5 is city sieges no longer depending on the performance of all open instances, i.e. one instance lost leading to no step 2 was just too disappointing and annoying. Oh and being able to obtain warlord and sovereign as defender isn't bad as well.

For me, the best part of 1.3.5 is the Strategic Depth of the combat in the cities. It brings a whole new level of organized combat to WAR, much more so that any scenario, or oRvR. While it is still possible to simply overpower your opponent, organized teamwork is significantly more important.

I really feel the RvR City is the best, specifically the 4 champions aspect, I would have liked it to be 6 people so one whole party gets elevated, but one of each style works as well. I will never forget going into the city thinking how cool it would be to be a champ, but not having high renown... then getting chosen any way and whacking people with my axe as i stomped through all the order!  I play a chosen tank speced, so it took their entire 24 man to focus me down, when i was the last champ. :)

My favorite part is still the new options.  The new city siege opened up the possibility of earning Warlord and Sovereign gear.  Also, the new potions, accessories and mount provide more options for building my characters.  Of course, I like the city sieges themselves too.