Wednesday, June 2, 2010

May Producer's Letter

Yesterday, Jun... er May 32nd according to the Mythic calender, the latest Producer's Letter was released.  Not only did it contain some interesting information about 1.3.6, but it also included a plea for help from some WAR bloggers. Help me readers, you're my only hope...

First a quick note about the letter.  It is not the patch notes.  The Producer's Letter is just an overview of a few topics and not the end all be all of the patch.  Take a look at 1.3.5's letter and then the patch notes.  There is a ton of stuff not mentioned in the letter. Alright, on to the details.

Cross-Realming.  In April's letter, it was mentioned that Mythic was looking into allowing players to have characters from both realms on the same server.  It looks like Mythic will not go through with these plans due to the mixed reactions of the community.  I am indifferent on this one.

Appearance.  Long ago Mythic announced some changes to the visual appearances of the late game armor sets.  Not everyone was happy about this, so Mythic held off until they could implement a solution which would make both parties happy. 

The result is an appearance system which allows you to wear the armor and weapons you want for stats but show different pieces.  if you are wearing Warlord but like the look of the Conqueror set, you can do both.  It is not clear yet if you can turn off this or what your enemies will see.

Class Changes.  Rune Priests and Zealots will receive a rather interesting change in 1.3.6.  They will have a toggle to let them switch from healing to DPS mode.  When in healing mode, damage stats will be turned into healing stats.  The reverse is true when in DPS mode.

Since these classes can not spec for healing or DPS, this should allow them take full advantage of their mastery tree.  There are still a ton of details we don't know, but it seems like a fun idea to me.

Armor Set Changes.  To finish off the letter, Carrie mentioned they wanted to offer proper incentive to wear the armor sets obtained in the city sieges.  Does that mean Warlord and Sovereign sets will see a bit of a buff?  We shall see.

Overall, the letter was pretty good.  I am really looking forward to the Dev Diary's which will give us all of the details.  Open RvR changes is the subject I am most interested in, so hopefully we will find out something soon.