Thursday, June 10, 2010

What happens in the Wasteland...

When you're fighting for survival against mutants, giant bugs and your fellow man, it is nice to have a place where you can relax, drink a few "beverages" and lose some of your hard earned chips.  Taverns/Bars are a relatively recent addition to Fallen Earth, so I figured it was time I checked them out.

Since my spring cleaning resulted in some extra chips, I figured I deserved a little break.  I just happened to be near Embry Crossroads and figured if anyone had a bar, it would be them.  It isn't the most inebriated-friendly entrance, so I better be careful.

These are not just places to hang out and overhear some disturbing RP, there is stuff to do!  You've got a bartender who sells a wide variety of drinks (buffs) and some games of chance.

First up, the slot machines.  They are pretty simple, match 3 and win.  You can bet a variety of amounts, all the way down to 1 chip.  I'm not really sure how the payouts work, as when I got a match it only gave me my 1 chip bet back.  Other combinations might pay out more, but I'm not going to find out.

Along with slot machines, they have a video blackjack game.  It plays pretty much how you would expect.  Unlike the slots, winning a hand actually pays out well (2x).  After a few hands I actually found myself up a blue chip.  Take the money and run is a motto of mine.

Spending time in a tavern also grants you a special buff.  The more time you spend in there, the better the buff gets.  A 10% experience gain buff is always nice to have.  Play time is over though and it is time to get back out into the world, civilization won't rebuild itself.

Yesterday, Icarus released their Fallen Earth companion client for the iPhone and Droid.  While that is the subject of another post, how cool would it be to have access to these gambling mini-games on them?  I'm sure it would result in many broke players, but it would still be fun.