Friday, June 11, 2010

News from the Front 6/11

It has been a relatively quiet week for WAR.  Mythic is focusing on the 1.3.6 patch and players are busy razing some cities. I spent time on a few of my alts this week doing some world RvR and scenarios.  On to the community news!


  • A hot fix was deployed to correct a couple bugs and make an adjustment to the Serpents Passage scenario. 
  • The Back Seat Dev thinks WAR is great but wants new content.  I agree on that point.  Although I have been playing Day 1 and am still pretty much happy.  Might be my casual nature though. 
  • Shadow WAR writes about the ongoing problem of melee attacks having far too long of a range.  This issue can be quite annoying.  Kiting is tough when melee attacks can hit outside of melee range.  
  • Lokax shows us what the Primeval armor set looks like on his Black Orc.  With the 1.3.6 appearance system, you too can look like this if you want without losing stats. 
  • Maeve breaks out the ol' Archmage to try out the revamped city siege.  In the end, a lot of fun was had even if it was a loss. 
  • Bootae finishes up his series about what WAR could take from DAoC. Alternative Progression sounds good to me, so long as it is PvP based.  Might be a challenging to do that without being redundant with renown.
  • Grimnir takes a look at two new WAR blogs.  The more the merrier!
  • One Shard asks an interesting question, Would you Swap your character for one of another class? Probably not as I am pretty happy with my 40's.  
  • Rancid is back with Part 2 of his Shaman guide.  This time he talks a bit about the healing focused layout he uses.  
  • Hideinf.  An addon which will hide the influence bar if you have filled it.