Friday, June 25, 2010

News from the Front 6/25

This week was pretty important for me as far as WAR goes.  Tirew, my Engineer, hit Renown Rank 66.  That means I can now wear 3 pieces of Warlord armor.  It takes 3 to get the +Ballistics bonus.  It also means I will have to redo my gear and talismans, should be fun!  What is everyone else up to?


  • GOA will no longer be running WAR in Europe.  The servers and players will be transitioned over to Mythic.  Big news for sure but how do EU players feel about it?
New WAR Blog
  • I found out about the GOA news from Bootae.  That's one place I will be checking for feedback about what it means to the players.
  • Rank-n-Vile takes on closed groups and elitism in WAR. Closed groups can be a pain, but often they are a necessity.  This is especially true in the case of guilds that use vent.
  • Rancid gives a Shaman gear guide for those little green healers out there.
  • Blurring Shock goes over some of the scenario weapon options for Swordmasters.
  • Grimnir has been playing on his Shaman.  Is seems like a goblin disease is spreading.  It seems he is having trouble obtaining Officer medallions.  It is a bit more difficult now that the conversion is 1:1.
  • Up for some expansion speculation? Tyanon writes about his ideas for Warhammer.  Bringing some ideas in from APB (Not the voice ads) might not be a bad idea.  
  • Mr. Meh is a jerk and he knows it.  I had never thought about how using absorb skills as a healer meant less renown.  Interesting post!
  • KruelWAR (a foe of mine on Badlands) gives us a preview of his upcoming post series about playing a Marauder
  • Video of a 2h Swordmaster tank taking on boss #5 in the Tomb of the Vulture Lord. 
  • Some older footage of a Black Orc fighting it out with Order.  Bonus points for Metallica song.
  • A look at every order career in the Tyrant armor set. Very nice!  I'm not sure I will ever have a piece of tyrant though. 
  • Fanglo gives us some WAR tips... while wearing a tinfoil hat and sunglasses.
  • Tokens.  This addon gives you token trackers which can appear on the UI.  You can also set token goals for it to track.
  • GroupRange.  This addon will put indicators on your group mates to help determine their range.
  • Mappy. This addon makes the world map a bit more user-friendly.  Want to scale or move it? This might be what you have been looking for.