Monday, June 14, 2010

WAR in Europe II

This is the second part of the WAR in Europe series where we will take a look at some of the fine blogs and fansites across the sea.  These were all given to me during the WAR Blog and fansite contest which was held a couple of weeks ago.  Drop by and say hi!

Bootae is probably well known by most of you already.  He has been blogging about WAR since January 09 and has a lot of solid content.  Even though he likes to play Destro,  you should be reading him daily.

Heretic Religion is a WAR guild from Karak-Azgal.   Along with the forums, they also blog regularly.  It's a great place to check for news and guides.  It is mostly in English and you'll also find cartoons, sceenshots and movies.

Koermit, whenever I see this name it makes me think of Kermit the Frog...  I suppose it is fitting he plays a Gobblin then.  Anyway, back to Koermit.  He is another German WAR blogger (Germans love WAR it seems).  His site has a ton of content consisting of stories and screenshots. (Translate

Forjador from Karak Norn is an artist who runs Portraits of WAR.   If you have not seen his site before, go there now.  There are some amazing drawings involving the Warhammer Universe.

Keagen is a Magus.  As a general rule, I don't like Magus.  They surf around thinking they can be an Engineers mirror?  How dare they!  They are pretty much an instant rival for me :)  Keagen is alright though, as he is a fellow blogger.  There is a lot of Magus related content on his site too, which is not very common. (Keagen may not be from the EU, but I could not confirm.)