Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I love lockout timers!

Really, I do.  Lockout timers are often hated on by many MMO players.  They often serve as a roadblock to pace a players progression.  Whether that is good or not, I'll leave to the MMO philosophers.  When it comes to WAR's city siege lockout timers, they are awesome.

A city siege has 3 lockout timers associated with it, one for each stage.  If you win the stage, you get a lockout timer.  This goes for whether you win a bag or not.  If you happen to miss out on a bag, you do get bonus crests.  Each lockout has its own timer ranging from 1 day to 5.

The reason I like this system is that I don't do city sieges that often.  Just because they are happening doesn't mean you have to go.  On average, I probably do 1 or 2 a week between all of my characters.  When we win and it comes time to roll for a bag there are only a few eligible players.  I walk out with a bag nearly every time. 

I can understand why some players may not like the timers.  But really, what's the rush?  Don't do something you may not enjoy just for a chance at loot.  That's the reason I don't run PvE much and I'm happier for it.  If I was running the city every day, it would probably get old pretty quick.