Monday, May 24, 2010

Contest: Best Part of 1.3.5

Now that 1.3.5 has arrived, I think it is time for another contest.  I'm pretty excited about this one since the prizes are open to both NA and EU markets!  I'm going to try something new for this contest, so continue on for all of the details.

NOTE: The contest has ended.  Check back soon for the next one!

Choice of Prizes?

As I mentioned, prizes are open to both NA and EU subscribers. With your entry, please include which prize you would like and whether or not you play the NA or EU version of WAR.  Prizes to choose from:

How do I enter?

Send your entry to with a subject of "Best Part of 1.3.5"  The contest will end Friday morning (May 28, 2010) at 8am EDT.  I will pick a random entry from those that submitted one.

Best Part of 1.3.5

The question you need to answer is, what is the best part of 1.3.5? 

My answer would be the new options.  The new city siege opened up the possibility of earning Warlord and Sovereign gear.  Also, the new potions, accessories and mount provide more options for building my characters.  

When the contest ends, I may re-post some of the answers.  Thanks to Mythic and GOA for the prizes!