Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Contest: Who am I?

During our trip to their HQ, Mythic was kind enough to provide us with some items to give away.  I had planned to do this a couple of weeks ago, but there was too much awesome stuff going on with 1.3.5. This contest will involve a bit of trivia.  Also, you will have your choice of prizes.  Read on for the details.

NOTE: Contest has ended, mail has been sent to the winner!  I plan on holding another one in a week or two.  

Choice of Prizes?

With your entry, please include which prize you would like:

  • Humble Indie Gaming Bundle.  Proceeds go to charity and the developers, so why not?
  • WAR Item Code: Rivenstaff's Deck of Eight and Bottomless Custard (North American version only)
  • WAR Item Code: Skaven Skin Cloak (North American version only)
How do I enter?

Send your entry to contests@weritsblog.com with a subject of "Who am I entry"  The contest will end Friday morning (May 14, 2010) at 8am EDT.  I will pick a random entry from those that were correct.

Who am I?

What is the name is this WAR monster:
A necromancer built me from the fallen bodies of Dwarfs and Greenskins.  I'm not big on warm climates and much prefer the mountains.  If you want to drop by for a visit, you may have to do a bit of jumping.