Friday, May 21, 2010

News from the Front 5/21

It's been a pretty quiet week for WAR.  Just kidding, it has been crazy with the release of 1.3.5.  As you might expect, the community chatter has been mostly about the new patch.  I know a good chunk of my posts have been lately.  As usual, there is a lot to read and watch if you want to make your Friday go faster.  New section this week, Addons!


New WAR Blogs
  • Welcome to Tarelther (not really new, but long overdue) and Ze War.
  • If you have a new blog, be sure to comment or drop me an e-mail.
  • Zone Watch allows you to list Tier 4 zones and their VPs.
  • Be sure to update your Squared for 1.3.5!
  • Therapy is a group session monitor.  Looks like it would be great for tracking your 6-man's effectiveness.