Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Over the weekend I put together a quick run of Tomb of the Vulture Lord with my guild.  Just like last time, the goal was to down the first two bosses or spend an hour trying.  Some groups can clear quite a bit of ToVL in an hour however I like to keep the run nice and accessible.  By the end of the night I had some nice upgrades for my Engineer.

Going into the dungeon I had only two goals.  First, I wanted to get some more Silver Ankhs in order to buy my two piece jewelry set.  Second, I wanted to make some gold.  Neither of those count on the random number generator which means if we down the bosses I will leave happy.  If I went in wanting a piece of Tyrant, most trips I'd end up disappointed.

We tend to use a master looter in guild/alliance events so the massive (gold) bags can be given to those that need them.  They contain, among other things, Golden Cartouches which can be broken down to 5 Silver Ankhs.  I mentioned I only need a few more and was given the bag.  Goal #1 is complete!  As an added bonus, I won the roll for an interesting crafting ingredient. More on that next week.

The second boss is where you can make some decent gold, I think I made ~12 gold.  It should have been more but I was careless and did not clean out my inventory.  I think one of the cursed treasures turned out to be a piece of Primeval, which usually sells well on the AH.  Overall it was a fun and productive trip.

My ToVL goals have been reached, but it is not the end of my trips there.  There is always a good amount of gold to be made and I wouldn't pass on a glyph or tyrant drop.  Plus I do like the crafting materials and scarabs you can get from the dungeon.

As I mentioned, my Engineer got a few upgrades as a result of the run.  First is the 2 piece jewelry set (cloak and accessory).  The set bonus gives me +90 Ranged Power which is the same as adding 90 ballistics.  That is around a 10% damage increase (from stats).

I also won a roll for another accessory, the Primeval Horn of Endurance.  The new 2 accessories caused me quite a dilemma.  I was using 2 +43 wound rings at the time.  That comes out to be 860 more hit points which is quite a bit.  The downside is they had no other stats and very poor resistance values.  I decided to use the new ones, here are the accessories I am using now (4th is above):

The ballistic increases has put me just over 1000 unbuffed.   That is the highest it has ever been on this character.  Along with the Ranged Power increase, I should be putting out some decent damage.  Once I start upgrading the rest of my gear to Warlord, I'm hoping to give my defensive stats some more attention.