Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mythic sneaks in a new mount!

Much to my surprise, Mythic has added a new mount to WAR!  It should be live tomorrow with the launch of the 1.3.5 patch.  The new mount is from the Land of the Dead and has an interesting twist.  Continue on for the details and some screenshots.

From the updated patch notes:

There is also a new, exciting mount that can be found on the Mount merchant in the Cities. This mount is exotic and temporary, imported straight from Tomb Kings. As such, you will only be able to purchase this mount if your realm owns Land of the Dead. This exotic steed can be purchased using Invader Crests and will last 30 real time days.

I took a quick trip to the PTS to check this new mount out.  I couldn't buy one, but I did get to check out the details.  How much does it cost?  On the PTS, it is only 30 Invader Crests.  Remember, this mount will only last 30 days real time, not played time.  It also has a RR60 and level 40 requirement.

Be sure to check your capitals mount vendor the next time your realm controls the Land of the Dead.