Thursday, May 6, 2010

Battle of Altdorf

The third PTS test event was held on Tuesday night.  This time we grouped up in six man parties to tests the new city siege system.  The Altdorf siege was the site of an epic battle during the first Stage.  Continue on for a video and an explanation of the fight.

High Quality streams: Part 1 and Part 2

Full length youtube version:

One of the new additions, which can be seen in the video, is Rally Flags.  Once your side owns an objective, these flags can be used to teleport you there from your spawn point.  Prior to this, you would just spawn at the closest objective.  These flags are not accessible until a couple minutes after the fight starts.  They do seem to add a nice bit of strategy to the battle.

The battle which the video focuses on took place at the Palace gates.  Destruction had rolled over us until they captured the central objective, Emperors Circle. After that point we started to actually win a few fights, but they slowly pushed us back to the palace. 

At the doors, we made our final stand.  The only way to damage the door is to let the NPC's (catapults) do their work.  What took place was a back and forth fight to control the gates.  In the end, we managed to hold off Destruction until time was up.  I think there was only ~2% left on the palace door when it ended.  Order had won the stage.

Destruction won the next 2 stages and brought down the king.  I think the fights during Stage 1 showed the potential of this new city siege rather well.  Even though we lost 2/3, it was a lot of fun.  Tonight is the forth and final closed PTS test.  Be sure to watch it live!