Thursday, May 13, 2010

1.3.5 Features Part 3

It seems that two posts is not enough to contain the features of WAR's 1.3.5 patch.  This post covers a few more miscellaneous changes and additions.  I'm not a big fan of one of them, let's see if you can guess which!  Hopefully we will see 1.3.5 live in the next week or two.

The city maps got a bit of sprucing up on the PTS.  This isn't documented in the patch notes, so no guarantee we will see this when the patch goes live.  Looks like a great addition though.  I've been playing for close to 2 years and I still get confused in Altdorf. 

Talismans are not the only new items you can spend medallions on.  Scouring Agent has been added to the Officer medallion merchant which will allow you to reset an items dye to its original color. The PTS price is 35 officer medallions and is subject to change.

When creating a new character, you may now choose some customization options imported from WAR Asia.  As far as I know, there is no in-game way to alter your characters appearance.  I think this screenshot says it all...

Rally Flags are a new feature of the city siege which was added during closed testing.  After you respawn, you can use a flag to teleport to a location which you control.  They add a nice bit of strategy to the fight.  The one's pictured below are currently locked for Order.  The flags would be blue if we controlled the associated objective.

In order to make itemization a bit more transparent, the item level has been added to the items tooltip.  This should make judging an item a bit easier for newer players.  Seems to becoming a standard feature of MMO's.