Tuesday, April 27, 2010

1.3.5 Features

The new city siege system may be the biggest feature of the 1.3.5 patch, but it is just one of many interesting additions to Warhammer Online.  In this post, I will go over some of the other items that may have been overshadowed in the patch notes.  Read on for Part 1 of 1.3.5's features.

Part 2 is up.

Gutters. These mini-map indicators will help point the way to battlefield objectives and keeps.  No longer will you have to open up your world map to take a peek at where they are.  If you mouse-over an indicator, it will also give you its status and distance in feet or meters.

This feature can be enabled/disabled on the User Settings -> General tab.

Mount Info.  The tooltip for mounts has been improved.  Now it will detail the speed improvement and chance you can be knocked off of the mount.  This is actually good to know, as I didn't realize some of the differences.

Combat Lighting.  This is one of the mysterious changes, at least to me.  They added an option that causes characters to glow during combat.  A red glow means damage is being taken and a green glow means they are being healed.  Perhaps this is one of the changes they made for the Asian markets?

This feature can be enabled/disabled on the User Settings -> General tab. 

New Talismans.  Two new talismans have been added to the RvR medallion vendors.  One will increase your movement speed up to 6% and the other can reduce your AP costs by as much as 10%.  They are limited to Boots and Helmets, respectively.  The costs and benefits may change before hitting the live servers.

Looting.  To make looting your victims easier, Mythic has added a new key binding which will loot the nearest enemy (within a certain range).  When the key is pressed, it brings up the loot window.  Combined with a Loot All key, you never have to use your mouse.  Hopefully this does not encourage bots.

Still have a bunch more to cover, stay tuned for part 2 later this week!