Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mythic Day 1

I actually arrived on time, the traffic gods must have been smiling on me.  We picked up some fellow bloggers at the airport and grabbed some lunch.  Back at the Mythic HQ, our first meeting was with some of their content developers.

The focus of this Q&A is on the upcoming city siege revamp.  We did get to see some of it, and it should be a huge improvement over what we have currently.  Now for some answers.

First, a general comment.  The expansion question was, of course, asked.  The answer was along the lines of: no comment, but they do have new content in the works.

All of the following answers are paraphrased by me, so do not read into them.

JustBlaze7208:  Any plans to add new Dungeons?

No current plans.

tauronus: What is happening to the PvE bosses in the city siege?

Many have gone, some have stayed.  They may not be how you remember them either and they possibly left some stuff.

Utopii: Are cities be being revamped for ORvR or are they still using a 48 man instance.

Cities will no longer use a 48 man instance.

tauronus: Will players still have to push the city into Stage 2?

Cities do have stages, but not like the way the current system uses.

tauronus: Will the city siege timer be 1 hour?

The city siege timer is variable in the new city system but in the same ballpark.

akalukz: Is instance hoping a thing of the past?

There will be penalties if players change instances.

wargrimnir: Will you be able to earn insignias and emblems from the city siege?

Yes, similiar to the way you do now.

WARAyleen: Any changes to the Stage 1 PQ Bosses?

Yes, Stage 1 has changed quite a bit.

tauronus:  Will it finally pay off to defend your city?

Yes, very much so.

OneShard: Will cities still have the capture the flag mechanic?

Capture the what?

This is just the first batch of answers.   We have to head out soon, so expect more tomorrow.

NOTE: Part 2 is up.